More “Lessons learned…in England”

Hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend, plus the extra sleep you got, thanks to ‘daylight savings’ time. I used my ‘extra hour’ to finish up a few more “things I learned…” So I figured I’d go ahead and share another one with you here…

The Great Marmite Debate

The house we all stayed in during the retreat offered a fully stocked kitchen, with tons of British specific foodstuffs, including the ‘love it or hate it’ jar of “Marmite.” Back in the spring, I had become curious to taste this ‘infamous spread’ as a result of the ‘interest in all things British’ that hit NYC during the ‘royal wedding’ craze. However, as I was reluctant to cough up $5 or more for a jar of something that I might only taste once, I refrained from purchasing the spread.

Imagine how excited I was, therefore, when I discovered the dark brown jar with yellow top in the kitchen cupboard. Heeding my fellow students’ advice to only spread a very thin layer on a cracker, I eagerly sniffed it, then took a bite…My reaction was, as you can see on the “hate it” side of the ‘Marmite debate’– I think the words “vile” and “disgusting” sprang from my mouth as I searched for something to remove the lingering aftertaste. Suffice it to say, that despite my buddy Duncan’s suggestion that I ‘try with toast’, I will never partake of that ‘British delicacy’ again…

2 thoughts on “More “Lessons learned…in England”

  1. Matt B says:

    You see now Bonnie, the trouble is you tried to run before you could walk. Only hardened veterans of the Marmite world would try it unadorned on a cracker. Even I, who see myself as quite the Marmite Ninja, only really go for it with lashings of butter on hot toast.

    You were pooy initiated I’m afraid. Give it one more go. Just close your eyes and think of England!

    • admin says:

      Matt/aka marmite ninja (I very much like that term)–thanks for the advice to keep trying…would you be willing to furnish said toast and butter so that I might do a ‘retaste’? 😀 Also, meant to update this post, but a friend of mine suggested I try “Twiglets” and surprisingly I like them….of course I”m out of them now, so who knows when I can taste them again?

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