Unexpected discoveries

Happy Friday!

Although this week definitely had a few unproductive days, ultimately I did accomplish a few things–so ‘yay!’ Some highlights: I found some very exciting and new (well actually ‘used’) things. First off, though this is not a fashion blog, I must say that I noticed this lovely pair of short boots in a cute vintage store across the street from me–they’re already broken in, and will look great with tights this winter–look for them appearing soon in a drawing or two (or three!), since, of course, I can’t wait to wear them!

Another wonderful and completely out of the blue ‘find’ was an awesome ‘desk sized’ cutting board! It’s perfect for my (always cluttered) desk and is a godsend considering how difficult it is for me to cut in a straight line and how quickly I always seem to run out of fresh xacto blades…This, of course means that I will be able to more easily assemble all the fun projects (cards, tickets, mini comics) that have been piling up on my desk as a result of the aforementioned dull blades. So definitely keep an eye out for those upcoming goodies! Aside from that, here’s sneak peek at a drawing I started the other day. And I’m also brainstorming a new project that hopefully I will be announcing soonish (then of course there is my graphic novel…but that’s definitely still percolating!)

Before I head out though, here are some upcoming art & comic events to mark on your calendars:

  1. Slow Jams & Dedications at The Cotton Candy Factory in Brooklyn–opening party 11 Nov. from 7–11pm
  2. A “Wine Fueled Williamsburg Gallery Crawl”–this actually popped into my inbox this morning via Thrillist–19 Nov.
  3. The Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art’s next master class, focussing on comic book writing, will be with Paul Levitz on 29 Nov…I am rather disappointed to see that I missed what looked like an interesting night of conversation with Lily Renée Wilheim and Trina Robbins about their new graphic novel Lily Renée, Escape Artist which discusses Renée-Wilheim’s escape from the Nazis to become a leading female pioneer in the world of comics.
  4. And finally, remember to go check out Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women at Yeshiva University until 15 April 2012; and note that there will be a panel discussion lead by  Sarah Lightman (artist and curator of the exhibit) on 26 Feb. 2012 as well.

Well, that’s it from me–I hope everyone has an absolutely wonderous weekend!

PS: I also grabbed this really cute small elephant in the thrift store–yay for tiny animals!

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