What to do this weekend…19 Novembre

Sorry to be a bit late posting this…if you haven’t already made plans for this weekend, there’s a ton of interesting things to do, read or see…I believe I am going to start doing this each Friday from now on, so check back weekly!

To go…

The Art of HOWL with works from Allen Ginsburg & Eric Drooker–at Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art NYC–continues through 31 Jan 2010
Artists of Batman including work from Frank Miller, Paul Pope & Neil Adams–at Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art NYC–continues through 31 Jan 2010
• Williamsburg Art & Gallery Crawl–starts at 4PM at the Black & White Project Space–19 Nov (one day only)
Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women is at Yeshiva University through 15 April 2012

Also, if you’re lucky enough to be in England, Thought Bubble UK will be winding down this weekend after a full week of (according to all the tweets posted) extraordinary events, including a successful panel discussion of Graphic Medicine: Visualizing the Stigma of Illness

To see…

• Bryan Talbot’s Discussion about the Anthropomorphic Tradition in Comics–he also gave this discussion at my Graphic Novel course and it’s quite interesting, in fact I rewatched it last night
• Bryan also spoke recently on BBC’s Book Café Radio program regarding the 25th Anniversary of Maus
•  England’s Ch. 4 interviewed Nicola Streeten about her debut graphic novel Billy, You and Me which chronicles her toddler son’s death and its impact on her (thanks to Graphic Medicine for providing the link)

To read…

I’ve just about finished reading “From Hell”–Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell’s Graphic Novel about Jack the Ripper–tis quite a bit of work and not a quick read–but I mean that in a good way, I was compelled to closely examine Campbell’s intricate drawings (starkly all black & white) while Moore’s writing weaves a very intriguing tale of royal cover up, Masonic tradition and personal responsibility gone awry.

To do…(in 2012)

For all my francophile friends–Randomly stumbled upon this listing for an upcoming course in Jan 2012 at Idlewild Books NYC– French Intermediate: Comics & Conversation: 10 week evening course–students will read 3 graphic novels (au francais) and then discuss– I am very excited about this!


Well, that’s all for me, also a rather exciting piece of news, I got my first comic ‘accepted’ to a website–not a very large one, but it’s always thrilling (though a bit nerve-racking) to send one’s work out into the ‘world wide interwebs.’ Also, hope to be sharing some more glimpses of the projects I’ll be scrambling to finish in time for the holidays….

3 thoughts on “What to do this weekend…19 Novembre

  1. Sasha says:

    I love the idea of learning French through graphic novels. I have a few in French and they’re so wonderful. I don’t know if it improves my French, but I like to pretend it does! (Extra reason for spending money as well…)

    Congrats on gettting a piece accepted!

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