A few of my…

Sorry to be so MIA last week…twas a bit under the weather (and therefore missed the Brooklyn Comics Fest–boo 🙁 But all better now (and I guess, at least I fell ill before Christmas). Aside from the rather unpleasant surprise of getting sick, last week did hold some nice surprises, which reminded me that good things can happen (big or little) when we least expect them…

But enough of this sentimental..erm…stuff…Hope everyone had a good weekend–I’m progressing very nicely on a new illustration series, which will start in a week (hint, hint), but until then, head over to my tumblr where I’ll be posting doodles that I haven’t completely ‘cleaned up’ in photoshop along with other odds & ends.






Also, if you haven’t seen my hundreds (ok, maybe more like 10) tweets/retweets about it yet, in addition to their new blog, Graphic Medicine also now has a twitter account. With both Comic Nurse & Thom Ferrier at the helm, they’re sure to have some quite brilliant stuff going on over there, so go ahead and follow them!

Today, I’ve drawn you some of my favourite things from my cheery neighborhood coffee (& tea) shop.  Enjoy!



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