I must admit it: I am not organized…Oh, I used to have dreams of being so, and the thought of a brand new empty fil-o-fax filled me with excitement! But that was many years ago…(ie when I was college). I also (incorrectly) assumed that becoming organized went along with growing up–like that free toaster they used to give out whenever you opened a new bank account. However, as I discovered–at college, during my first couple of jobs, and now as a freelancer–the two things don’t come as a matched set.  Then I began to think that my disorganization was a result of my being ‘a creative person'(I have so many different projects in my head, how could I possibly be bothered to keep my desk tidy)–until I started meeting/discovering stellar creatives (yes I just used the word, stellar) who made martha stewart herself look a tad ‘scatterbrained.’

I therefore have begun to take giant er baby steps towards ‘getting it together’ and, amazingly have made some progress: I use google calendar for instance, stick important documents onto my fridge (instead of previously in piles) and even JUST purchased an iphone, so I can get ‘on the go’ reminders & work related emails…but there are still ‘hold outs’ in my ‘war on disorganization’; mainly when it comes to my desk (definitely does not look like this) and random tasks that somehow pile up (like my dirty laundry actually) until I feel like my head is spinning!

In fact, the other night, I actually began to feel a bit nauseous, so I decided I had to make a list: it was high time…but of course, I couldn’t just make any ole list—I wanted to make it a pretty list. Did I just hear you laugh? Believe it or not, my very first creative director designed both her to do lists and her grocery lists, saying: “it makes the tasks & shopping trips more fun–plus you get to see people eyeing your cart trying to figure out what sacred map you’re using to navigate the store.”

So even though I am still light years away from being remotely organized, sometimes I manage to and, very briefly, feel a little more ‘grown up’…til the next day at least. Oh well, you’ve got to start somewhere!

How do you keep up with your tasks? And would someone come over and help me organize…er find my desk? I know it’s somewhere!

Also, I’m in the process of ‘opening’ my etsy shop–consider it a ‘soft opening’ right now since there’s only 1 item up there, but more soooonnnnn (if I get organized that is…oops)

One thought on “Organized/smorganized…

  1. Pete Hindle says:

    I’ve had this tab open forever because I meant to leave a comment on it… anyway, I am chronically disorganised, because I am forever being distracted. Good luck with getting things into neat piles!

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