Do Some Good!

Hey all!

So this week has already been rather crazy ( & good) so far–and it’s only Tuesday! The weather has warmed up to be nice enough for a run outside. And, speaking of running, a friend of mine & I have entered the GOOD New Year Challenge. This all started over the summer, when she & I met up with Mark from Good Gym–they’re an awesome organization in London that combines 2 of my favourite things: running & volunteering. We’ve been trying to bring it ‘stateside’ by working with Mark & Ivo (the Co-founders), so the chance to get funding from “GOOD” would be spectacular!

As you can see, I did the visuals while the wordsmith Amy struggled to describe our mission in less than 300 words (a LOT harder than you may think)…So do us a favour by tweeting, facebooking and voting for our idea–pretty please?

Also of note, tonight is my 1st French Graphic Novel Class, and, as long as I don’t have to say much, I should be fine…

Update: 1st class was a success! It’s not too large, the teacher is quite amiable & everyone seems quite interesting–no single frenchmen however 🙂 Though I sat next to a british lady who suggested a new way to eat a Jaffa cake…

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