What I wore ‘face off’

Well, it’s not really a face off–that just sounds more exciting! But really, here’s the deal: The brilliant Pete Hindle & I have decided to each upload  a new drawing into Gemma Correll‘s “What I Wore Today” Flickr Group this entire week…

Originally we were both going to do the same day, but due to my ‘blonde-ness‘ er I mean, due to some chaos, I misunderstood and thought we were going to alternate weeks…Pete was a great sport & said ‘no worries’ but, I still felt badly, so I’ve unilaterally decided that we’re going to alternate days of this week–so here’s my drawing for Tuesday (umm, pete, if you’re reading this now, hope you’re okay with it…)

I learned about this group from the loverly Katie Green (bean) who, I believe still holds the record for most submissions to the Flickr Group….Each month or so, Gemma picks a drawing to be featured on the actual “What I Wore Today” Blog (& if you recall, when 1 of mine finally made it on the blog, I may or may not have squealed like a little kid)

But enough chatting–go see Pete’s drawing from Monday! And on a semi related note, rent the Bill Cunningham NYC documentary–tis awesome!

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