FACE OFF le troisieme jour

Late last night, with about 45 minutes to spare, I finished my “What I wore today” drawing for the 3rd day of Pete’s & mine’s “FACE OFF.”

As you can see, yesterday was not a very fashionable day for me…I went to a noon yoga class and then just wore my yoga clothes the rest of the rather indecisive day…I even wore them to see the even more amazing in person than on twitter Lisa Hanawalt (of horses & lizard fame) as well as Jillian Tamaki and Eleanor Davis. They were speaking at The Illustrator’s Society (up on 63rd!) and I’m so glad I didn’t ‘cop out’ and not go… I must admit, it was a bit odd though, since a lot of people in the crowd were I believe students, and well, since I’ve been out of school for so long, I still ironically feel a bit awkward whenever I’m around a ton of ‘young people’

But enough! I need to actually get to ‘work work’ and finish up a website…but to note! This sunday is the Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women Symposium at Yeshiva University with the wonderful Sarah Lightman….I will be volunteering there, so swing on by–there’s a ton of awesome comics artists featured and it should be a very interesting presentation…

Also to note, Thom Ferrier and Comic Nurse have been “artists in residence” (I believe that’s the proper term) up in Chicago, so be sure to check out all their adventures, including a few ‘comic mashups’ over on their respective sites. Katie Green seems to be nicely progressing on her graphic novel & Paula Knight’s shared some prep work for her graphic novel (which was shortlisted for the myriad editions 1st fictions, if you recall)… Also, apparently Hannah Berry’s latest graphic novel should be out in the summer–got to see a sneak peak of the cover and it looks awesome (to paraphrase her, the darker the environment in which you read it, the more things come out at the dark at you.”)

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