WIWT: FACE OFF: The final chapter

Just a brief post of today’s “What I wore today” collaboration with Pete…Sadly this is the last official day of our challenge, but I quite enjoyed doing the “WIWT” drawings and will hopefully continue to do at least 1 a week or so….


Today, I volunteered at the ” Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women” ‘s Symposium organized by they amazing Sarah Lightman….It was an all day thing, so I wasn’t at a computer, thus, I decided to give it a go using my PrismaColour Markers–I used to only draw with these before I started using Photoshop…

Even though I didn’t have all the ‘proper colours’ and that the drawing wasn’t on marker paper (which really affects things), I’m pleased with how it turned out, and really enjoyed the ‘lack of control’ one has when using them…

Tomorrow or Tuesday I”ll be doing a brief ‘recap’ of the Symposium, so be sure to check back for that! And, good news, the show will be going to Washington DC so anyone in that vicinity should definitely check it out!

One thought on “WIWT: FACE OFF: The final chapter

  1. Pete Hindle says:

    Hey! Thanks for being such a good… sparring partner? Drawing buddy? I’m not sure what the right term for it would be. Face off-er?

    This was an interesting project for me, as I do a lot of observational drawing. I heard recently that observational drawing is a right-brained activity, and sometimes it just feels like I am becoming somebody that copies from life… just before we started this project, I had a cold that sent me to bed for a few days, and when I got out I found my drawing skills had gone into some terrible, mechanical, copying of reality.

    Of course, you can never capture everything when you draw. It would be impossible to recreate what we see – all we can do is create the impression of what we saw. That’s why I like the above drawing best! It’s use of colour, the way things smudge together, gives the impression of fabric in a way that you wouldn’t get otherwise. These look like the “proper colours” to me!

    I’ve never done a lot of internet activities like the “What I Wore Today” thing, but it’s been fun doing it with a buddy. Thanks! I think the creative aspect of picturing yourself, representing something you can’t see (unless you have a mirror) is a useful cognitive stretch for me. I lack the confidence to really express myself in some forms, so doing this type of exercise is great for building up the imaginative bits of drawing. You’re not just drawing what’s there, but you’re also drawing what you think of what’s there… a cunning cross-over of left-and right-brain drawing!

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