And the winners are…

The end of february/beginning of march always seems ‘abuzz’ with nominations, awards, prizes, etc etc… And not just for film & tv either…last week, the nominees for the eagle award (no, not the Boy Scout one) were announced…Truth to tell, I didn’t know these existed, but ever since the myriad 1st fictions award was given back at the end of january, I’ve had some comic prizes of my own to ‘bestow.’

So, here you go: the 1st annual “narwhal awards” *

Most encouraging
sarah lightman
katie green

Awesome twitter peeps that I’ve never met in person
joe decie
darryl cunningham
garen ewing

Comics guaranteed to make me smile
gemma correll

Best dressed sparring partner
pete hindle

Best editor/pudding maker/heartfelt up & coming GN
paula j knight

Wisest dr., graphic novelist & artist with dry wit
thom ferrier

Coolest name
Dr. Smoo

amazing arvonites
you know who you are

Newly met comics artists of 2012
sarah levitt
diane noomin

~Congrats y’all~
* check out my twitter list to follow all of these amazing peeps!

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