helloo? anyone there?

Hi all, boy oh boy have things been happening around here…Last weekend, I gave my 1st ‘talk’ about my comics & illustration as part of the Laydeez Do Comics Us Edition…Though it was a small crowd, that actually ended up being a good thing–I felt kind of like I was back in Shropshire, discussing my work with sympathetic friends. I also met some awesome people–though of course most comics people are ‘awesome’ so this isn’t really surprising: Nicola Streeten (whom I’ve been wanting to meet in person for quite a bit, as I’d heard amazing things about her from my British mates) and then Ellen Linder–she & her husband have just moved back to NYC after living in London. She kindly offered to show me around her studio and pie was also mentioned, which I do love!

I’ve also recently taken on a new client which hopefully will allow me to be a bit less panicky when it comes time to paying my rent (darn, taxes! can’t forget these too!)…the only thing is, this means I have to readjust my schedule to figure out when & how to fit my drawing in, along w/ my running and yoga… (I’ve become a bit lazy recently, so need to get back into more of a structured schedule).

Finally, this week, I’m taking a mini vacation in Brooklyn, whilst cat sitting for a good friend–I love doing this because a.) it gives me a nice respite from the hustle & bustle of the city b.) cats are relaxing and c.) this apartment actually has roomS (plural)–unlike mine…

So that’s your ‘update’ for the week, in thanks for reading this, take a look at this week’s “Tail of 2 Cities” (which I spoke about at the Laydeez Event)…have a lovely week! will try to post over the weekend, but no promises…

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