Weekend Roundup 20 April

Short n’ sweet due to technical difficulties that keep abounding this week…yowzahs…

 To read

The New Yorker does a profile on Alison Bechdel of  “Fun Home” fame in their 23 April volume–I had no idea this was going to be in here, so very excited to see the NY-er profile a graphic artist…(however, you must either pick up a copy at the newsstand or purchase it online)

Speaking of reading, a little bird told me that Thom Ferrier’s new collection of graphic medicine & other tales, entitled Disrepute, has arrived from the printer…no word yet as to when it will be available to those of us Stateside, but I know I can’t wait to get my hot little hands on a copy!

To go

If you’re in NYC it’s nearly that time again! MoCCA Fest 2012 is next Saturday & Sunday 28/29 April at the Lexington Ave. Armory–buy your tickets & check details on their site

If you’re in merry ole England, then be sure to make it to 23rd April ‘s Laydeez Do Comics meeting featuring Tom Gauld, Simone Lia and…drumroll please Thom Ferrier (perhaps he’ll be peddling his book there?) Also, I think I heard that Paula J. Knight might be in attendance too, though not in speaking capacity–boo.

To listen

Despite some earlier confusion, do be sure to hop on over to listen (& better yet) download Senator & the New Republic’s latest single–there’s a new one each month, so check back regularly!

Well that’s all folks, hoping to have some new drawings up sometime soon….til then, enjoy your weekend!

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