NYC adventures

Without going too much into it–this past weekend was quite the adventure. The gist of it is, on Saturday, when I was supposed to be crafting with the talented ellen lindner, I was run into by a car, subsequently smacking my head on a parked car and ended up spending the entire day in the ER. Ellen was kind enough to change plans and spend the time with me in the ER as opposed to the fabric shop as originally planned.

A comic will obviously be forthcoming, but until then, I’d like to share a few sketches from the ER–that’s right folks, if you’re going to be stuck in the ER, then it’s best to have a good friend & sketchbook handy–both of which I had, luckily.


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To note: the coloured one is not exactly ‘stellar’ and frankly, I was/am a bit hesitant to put it up…but as I’m experimenting, I figured I’d put it up anyhows, since, I rather consider this site to be a ‘sketchbook’ of sorts and so, well, good or not, it’s going up there…


If you’d like to see ellen’s sketch from our ER adventure and other wonderful sketches, head over here–needless to say, her stuff ROCKS.

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