Life begins again in the fall-F Scott Fitzgerald

So the summer is practically over and what a summer it was–some of the highlights include: going to Coney Island TWICE in 3 weeks (even went swimming), moving to my new apartment & most excitedly, spending a week popping around England hanging with my lovely comics peeps (paula, katie, hannah, thom, pete, sickerthanthou & many more)

Currently have a whirlwind of a weekend coming up as well: Journeying by bus (for the 1st time) down to the DC area for SPX! If anyone is headed there, be sure to check out the Saturday morning panel: British Comics: Does it Translate? with some awesome panelists including: ellen lindner, nick abadzis & luke pearson.

Speaking of ellen lindner, she’ll also be at the expo to promote the 2nd edition of The Strumpet–a Transoceanic Blaze of Comics Glory! If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of the 1st volume, swing by her booth to grab yours and also to sign up for the next edition. “But what if I’m not in the DC area, this weekend”? or “What if I promised to watch my good friend’s tiny tortoise this weekend & can’t make it?” Never fear. Just head over to the Strumpet’s Kickstarter page to pledge your support (and depending upon how much you pledge, you might even get a nifty tote bag or other treat).

You may wonder, “Why am I so excited about this 2nd edition of The Strumpet?” Well, aside from the fact that it brings together all in one volume an amazing array of comics done by awesome women such as: Robin Ha, Karrie Fransman & Jeremy Day (amongst others), the numbers might be done by yours truly…hey, everyone’s got to start somewhere!

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