I can’t believe that is was only last weekend that I had the pleasure of joining the gracious ellen lindner & her husband at SPX in Bethesda, Maryland!

Here’s a bit of a paraphrenalia-n recap!

Sadly due to work stuff (bah!) I had to bus up there on Saturday morning–wearing one of my Strumpet badges (a) This meant I missed ellen’s part in the intriguing sounding panel: “British Comics: Does it Translate” However, after getting my pass (b) I did get to hear Gilbert (of the Hernandez Brothers) speak–confession: I had actually not heard of either “the brothers” themselves, nor of their long running comic series “Love & Rockets” (which is perhaps a travesty to some people, but whatevs–so much to read in the land of comics!)

(c) I stuck to my budget (sort of) and, therefore, only bought 2 books, but I’m excited about both of them! One is the 1st in a series of 6 GN’s about New York called: The Wonder City by Justin Rivers & Courtney Zell.  I purchased Vol 1: The Great Whale of Coney, and was informed that  portions of the 2nd volume are being uploaded to their site in installments.

I also purchased the really clever & amazingly crafted fold out Burning Building Comix by Jeff Z. Self published & obviously thought out with care, it tells the  wordless story of people living on each floor of a 5 story apartment building on fire (I haven’t finished it yet, so not sure how things turn out). Jeff told me that he had originally published these stories as 5 separate rectangular books (ie: floors) that when laid out on a flat surface, were an approximation of the entire ‘building.’

(d) I was able to crash on the floor of the hotel room where my friends were staying–thankfully the hotel provided a plethora of pillows so I wasn’t too uncomfortable.

The next morning, after a brekky of ridiculously expensive [white] toast (who eats white toast???) it was time to hurry to grab the bus back to NYC. I almost missed it however, due to the irregularity of the DC metro (I waited 30 min on the platform for a car, then literally ran (losing my shoe several times) down to the bus stop.) But, they have cute pandas on their cards (e), so I guess I can’t be too upset at them.

Sadly, the trip was over before I knew it, but I was most certainly happy to be back in NYC where the subways run (usually) on regular schedules & where substantial whole wheat toast is served.

PS Don’t forget to go support The Strumpet Vol 2: A transoceanic blaze of comics glory. You’ll get goodies!

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