Stressing & Swirlies


These last 2 & 1/2 weeks have been just crazy busy–deadlines galore, anxiety & overall stressing out. As such, the majority of my time has been devoted to my “work–work” as opposed to my comics work, but I’ve found a few spare moments to grab a glass of wine (or as tonight, an americano & a pint of ice cream) and scribble out something.

When I am upset or anxious, the thing that I automatically draw have been these designs (for lack of a better term) that I call “swirlies”–they just seem to flow from the tip of my pen as I am drawn into a rather zen-like state…I’m not sure exactly when I started drawing these patterns, but I’m hazarding a guess that it might have been around the time I was in high school–an artistic sign of ocd tendencies? Who knows, but I have seen others draw similar haphazard designs in a similar vein, so sometimes I wonder…


Recently, I have started trying to use these designs in larger pieces, such as this one, but I’m not quite there yet. Until then, though, I’ll keep drawing these things forever, I have no doubt.

Thank heavens it’s almost the weekend.


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