Happy Halloween y'all

Unless, you’ve been living under a rock, you prolly know of 2 major events:


1.) Halloween!!!!

Pumpkins! Sexy costumes! Candy Corn! What could be better? For the 1st time in ages I went to a Halloween (or in this case, pre-halloween) party,  chock full of interesting people: writers, physicists, professional photographers, and french people. Our hostess provided us with an amazing spread of cheeses, bread, wine, and….

tools for pumpkin carving!!! I brought my own pumpkin (smaller is cuter), and after grabbing a good knife & refusing to share, I got to work carving out my ‘masterpiece’. Now, I have carved a pumpkin in nigh on 18 years, and everyone was uber enthusiastic–including my buddy who’d won last year’s contest–so I had some competition. I decided to stick to my strengths and, eschewing the usual ‘face route’, proceeded to carve my usual trademark:


Pumpkin Carving

2.) Hurricane Sandy

Thankfully everyone is okay–a bit of a wild ride, though, as my mom was visiting me and I live on the borderline of zone A & B. My uncle graciously took my mom in to his apartment in midtown manhattan, whilst my roommie & I ‘fled’…er…relocated to Brooklyn, where I was already scheduled to cat sit for my friend. While we never lost power down here, there was definitely major flooding up in my neighborhood, as well as that explosion at the ConEd plant a few blocks away. Not sure when I’ll get back home, so til then, I’m hanging out in another one of my favourite coffee shops–here are some sketches:Huzzah! bannement

Sandy Sketches at Glass Shop

A grand merci to everyone who’s checked in or sent well wishes. If you’d like to donate to the red cross, here ya go.

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