because I am hyped up on coffee…

here are a few random drawings & doodles that I found on my hard drive…


Pret à manger soda I got in the Heathrow airport on my flight back from London this year

Little girl at Ost Café (from 2011–whoops)Coffee cup adventures

Also, some announcements!!

1.) Paula J Knight successfully participated in her 1st (I think) comics fest! At ComicaComiket
2.) Hannah Berry appears on HuffPo– because comics (and she) are AMAZING.
3.) Katie Green(Bean) is almost done w/ her GN AND The Crystal Mirror is now taking supporters
4.) Ellen Lindner is in England & there was a successful launch for The Strumpet #2
5.) Smoo’s in America to launch Smoo Comics #6–come and party!



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