Inspiration, the defense budget & milk

Inspiration can come from anywhere it would seem…The other night my flatmate & I were sitting in a coffee shop-turned-bar at night, drinking (wine in her case, coffee in mine–as I had to work later) when we started to discuss the size of the US’ defense budget (she’d read about it in the New Yorker) which then segued into the founding of the Internet, NASA and the space race. Also, to note, I was sitting by a large glass cookie jar, in which these giant chocolate chip cookie and nutella sandwichs are kept–every now & then the lid of the jar would be lifted off and the tantalizing smell of baked goods & chocolate wafted out…

Moon Man Cookie
We’d met up, because I needed to draw a thank you card for a friend of mine, and figured it would be nice to have some company whilst doing so–also, having a friend around while drawing usually keeps random people from trying to engage you in conversation, when really all you want to do is draw (or read, but that’s a different story). Anyhow, as you can see, our topics of discussion ‘found their way’ into the subject matter of the final drawing.

Moon Man Milk

Though, I’m not quite sure what my friend thought when he received the card–”Was she drunk?” passed through his mind, I am sure.

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