Digital Design

With over 10 years in the advertising & design business, I’ve racked up a lot of experience creating a variety of social media campaigns, designing new apps, at photo shoots and of course strategizing integrated campaigns  Below are some of my favourite projects.

Ruby Tuesday’s Garden Bar

In Jan/Feb of 2016, I got the opportunity to work in the VaynerMedia office in Chattanooga, TN on a brand new social only campaign for the Fast Casual Restaurant chain, Ruby Tuesdays,

GRIDMobile Startup

As a freelancer, I often get the chance to work on startups–yes, with their crazy hours, manic timelines and sometime hairpulling moments. Don’t get me wrong though; I love it!

Circle Black App

Partnering with an longtime Creative Director of mine, I was given the chance to work on this brand new financial app that hopes to challenge the longterm behemoth, Bloomberg Black.

Influencers Aggregator

Once again working with my Creative Director partner, we tagteamed on developing concepts for the now defunct news aggregator, (originally entitled “influencers”).

Townsman Restaurant

James Beard Award-winning chefs, Matt & Kate Jennings decided to open a restaurant in downtown Boston. Described as a “brasserie-inspired, New England restaurant.”


An NYC based jewelry store in the West Village was looking into doing some rebranding (and has sense changed their name to Inaya). Specializing in precious gems, the ‘optimized for mobile’

Banner Design

Though banner advertising is not looked upon with much ‘affection’–I like to think of them as ‘mini space challenges,’ since you are confined to not only small sizes, but odd ratios as well.

IBM Smarter Computing RFID

Not only do I have experience in developing apps and websites, but I’ve also worked experiential design, which nowadays, is extremely robust due to the integration RFID, VR and one off apps.

Presentations Perfected

Conceptualizing campaigns, designing apps and creating logos, aren’t the only things a designer does. Sometimes, to make it that point, you’ve got to create a kick a** deck to sell the idea…

Johnson’s Baby Video + Storyboard

I worked on several videos whilst on the Johnson’s Baby account–this was one of the most interesting as we created an animated storyboard–before we finally overlaid on the final video.  Bedtime Routine First: I gave direction to a storyboard illustrator on which frames to draw Then, I took his drawings and created simple animations of specific frames […]

SINGULAIR + JR. NBA Partnership

SINGULAIR partnered with a lot of child related organizations to promote a healthy and active lifestyle–especially if the child had asthma. One of the most interesting was: “Athletes With Asthma”, in tandem with the NBA and WNBA…

Snuggle Plus SuperFresh Campaign

When your spokesman is a [teddy]bear, your brand definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously (in a good way!) The iconic Snuggle fabric softener was about to debut a new, stronger version of their product, specifically targeted towards moms… for Asthma & Allergy

Merck’s drug, SINGULAIR, was ‘indicated’ for both asthma (AS) and allergies (AR)–however FDA rules prohibited the drug company from advertising the drug for both ailments in 1 campaign–confusing, I know…

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