GRIDMobile Startup


As a freelancer, I often get the chance to work on startups–yes, with their crazy hours, manic timelines and sometime hairpulling moments. Don’t get me wrong though; I love the energy & drive that the teams behind these startups have.

GRIDMobile was one of the most interesting ones I’ve worked on–the idea was ‘simple’–why must you have separate mobile phones for work and home? What if you could combine your 2 separate numbers, voicemails, texts & contact lists on one device? And seamlessly for good measure.

That’s exactly their plan.MAST_USER_3Across_0001_02When I started, there wasn’t even a logo to work with, and the company even changed its name more than a few times. Whatever the name though, the branding needed to be something vibrant–something to cut through the ‘static’ of the other more established brands.




Taking this into account, and working with minimal wireframes, we landed on an energetic colour scheme, with a simple, graphic interface for both the mobile app itself & the admin support site.