for Asthma & Allergy

Merck’s drug, SINGULAIR, was ‘indicated’ for both asthma (AS) and allergies (AR)–however FDA rules prohibited the drug company from advertising the drug for both ailments in 1 campaign–confusing, I know. But a plus for an art director like me, as it was like working for 2 different brands! 

Below are the proposed and final designs for the homepages of–the drug company’s branding AOR had recently introduced new campaigns for the 2 indications, but as I worked for RAPP, the digital AOR, my team was tasked with translating this print based idea across digital channels.

After designing, I worked directly with programmers, project managers and Q&A team to build these two sites for simultaneous ‘release’ onto the ‘Interwebs.’


One of the final 3 concepts presented to the client. This design combined snippets of video into a grid that when users interacted with it revealed more information about the drug or set off additional animations. While the client appreciated the interactive nature of this concept, the budget did not allow for such intricate interactions and instead decided on the following design.

Selected design for the AR homepage, utilized sliding ‘panels’ combining still and video assets. Bucketed information underneath led users deeper into site to explore the expanded benefits of the drug. 



Final design of the allergy side of SINGULAIR, it was the first time our client utilized digital video on their website (this was back when optimized video was still in development and Flash was still king.