SINGULAIR + JR. NBA Partnership

SINGULAIR partnered with a lot of child related organizations to promote a healthy and active lifestyle–especially if the child had asthma. One of the most interesting was: “Athletes With Asthma”, in tandem with the NBA and WNBA. Sadly, thought responsible for designing the logo and all print & digital aspects of the program, I never actually got to meet the WNBA/NBA players themselves!


Let’s be honest, the main goal of partnerships was to get patients’ information–but my team did a good job of convincing the drug company that the patient should get some well designed and informative information. In the case of this microsite, registrants could sign up to receive literature or become part of the basketball sessions with the WNBA or NBA Ambassadors (all of which had asthma)


These were strategically placed on various sports and mom or parent related websites. One of the most favourite ones was the mini “Jumbotron” 300×250, which provided a fun alternative to the traditional flashing banner.

Logo & Print promotions 

Since a lot of parents’ found out about the program during visits to their child’s pediatric’s office, I also designed “Tear Sheets,” logo, and brochure–utilizing NBA provided assets to create a dramatic, and overall integrated campaign for the program.