Snuggle Plus SuperFresh Campaign

When your spokesman is a [teddy]bear, your brand definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously (in a good way!) The iconic Snuggle fabric softener was about to debut a new, stronger version of their product, specifically targeted towards moms (who traditionally do the bulk of laundry). The client tasked my team at VaynerMedia to come up with delightful and memorable social campaign ideas to promote their new line and get customers to join in this unique campaign as well.

Below, are the 3 campaign proposals & tactics.

Love Stinks 

A humorous look at how odors don’t intrude on ‘true love’– but can sometimes create some “stinky” situations. Through a variety of social media platforms, we encouraged users to create their own original content (UGC) and share their “Stinky Stories” with the world. 

• Partnering with the popular family moment sharing app, Tiny Beans, we proposed a unique section for Snuggle customers called Tiny Bears, where users could win prizes or promotions by uploading their own #LoveStinks moments

• Utilizing the UGC from Tiny Bears, we’d create a short form video series released at key times throughout the year

• On Valentine’s Day, we’d release special SnapChat stories highlighting humorous stinky situations all with happy…er fresh endings

Well Loved Clothes

Smells, clothes and memories are intricately linked. But what do you do, when you grow out of your favourite highschool sweatshirt? Or your little girl doesn’t need that snuggly sweater anymore? What if you could pass it on to someone in need, adding another layer to your fond memories? That was the impetus behind this idea; use social media to create a social movement.

• Partner with influencers such as Zooey Deschanel to promote SuperFresh Memories Clothing Drives around the country. Celebrities and participants can snap & share their own memories via social media when dropping off their clean & well loved items

• Snuggle Bear will partner with Pinterest influencers on The Progressive Outfit Experiment, where each will add their own item of clothing as the entire outfit makes it was across the nation. Each influencer will add his or her memories to the Pinterest map as the journey progresses.

• Call to moms & families who use Snuggle products to create & perform their own versions of “My Favorite [clothes] Things”, uploading & sharing it via DubSmash and other social media platforms

The secret life of [superfresh] clean clothes

Between fighting crime, saving people, & helping old ladies get across the street, Superheroes clothes get pretty sweaty. So how do they keep their capes & tights so clean? Almost as well protected as their identities, we’ll uncover how they do it! [Hint: it’s Snuggle Plus SuperFresh, of course!]

• We’d create video interviews of people talking about the tricks they use to keep their superheroes’ clothes clean. Eventually revealing that we’re talking to parents of kids who won’t take off their superhero costumes–and prove that Mom is the real superhero here by using Snuggle of course

• Snuggle with have booth at Comic-Con where Martha Kent & Alfred the Butler will give advice on how before SnugglePlus SuperFresh, they had a horrible time trying to get the smell of the Joker’s laughing gas, or the stink of Kryptonite from their charges costumes. Now, with the “Power of the Plus,” it’s no problem. Samples of product & demos will be on hand


• Partnering with Build-A-Bear, kids (or adults!) can create their own “Super Snuggle Bear,” order it, and then share it on social media