Welcome (to my new online) home!

Welcome to “introspectivenarwhal’s” new home! After lots of late nights struggling with coding, uploading, resizing, etc, etc, it’s really exciting to finally see thing shaping up.

I’ve discovered that changing websites is a lot like moving apartments–you’ve got to ‘transport’ all your old stuff (images, words, posts) to a new space and then unpack and rearrange them all onto the new site…I’m somewhere between ‘unpacking’ and ‘redecorating’, right now, so please be ‘kind’ when poking around here…you might stumble upon a few broken links and the imagery of the site will prolly change a bit too–but feel free to poke around (and let me know of any glaring bugs you notice as well).

There will be a lot of fun stuff coming up in the next few weeks–I’ll be continuing to chronicle my experience at the Graphic Novel retreat in Shropshire, UK and then another “A Tail in 2 Cities” should be arriving soon; plus with the holidays coming up, I’ve got to get to work on gifts & such…

Til then, enjoy exploring~

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