Yet another “Lesson learned…in England”

Hope everyone is having a great week so far and has adjusted to the time change. Here’s this week’s edition of: “Things I learned in England.”

“Big D!”

As in most cases, whenever meeting new people, the question: “So where are you from?” arises (unless you’re in New York, where usually the question “How much is your rent?” pops up first). I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this already, but as I was 1 of only a few Americans who “crossed the pond” for the Arvon Graphic Novel retreat, this question was, I suppose, especially interesting to people.

While I live in New York (and love it!), I am originally from Dallas, and, like all Texans, mention this whenever people ask where I’m from…Usually people, make some crack about Texans and guns or a political joke (trust me, I’ve heard them all). This time, however, I received the rather unexpected response:

Oh, like [Dallas] the TV show!

Now growing up, I remember hearing that Dallas is/was known for 2 things: 1.) it is the place where JFK was shot and 2.) it is where that eponymous, long running TV sitcom starring Larry Hagman was set. Yet, while I’d always heard this, I’d never encountered people actually saying it! But, truth to tell, pretty much every time I mentioned where I was from, the response was invariably the same.

The first time it happened I was a bit perplexed but amused…by the 9th time, I realized it was a pretty standard response…So, yup, I hail from that glorious city where JR schemed his way to success, but no, I do not have big hair….or a horse.

Also, speaking of England, Thought Bubble is happening in Leeds from 14 Nov–20 Nov. Among the really great events, be sure to check out the Thom Ferrier organised panel discussion: Graphic Medicine: Visualising the Stigma of Illness featuring Andrew Godfrey on Cystic Fibrosis & the inspiring Katie Green speaking about eating disorders and sexual abuse. Also, Arvon tutor Bryan Talbot & his wife Mary will be there to promote their new graphic novel collaboration “Dotter of her Father’s Eyes.”

Have a great week, y’all!


The wonderful Paula Knight will also be speaking as part of the Graphic Medicine panel at Leeds–I had thought that she was going to, but missed her name on the schedule…whoops.

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