New drawings, comics & such

So these past 2 weeks or so have actually been rather productive (creativity wise at least). Here a few new projects in various states of completion…enjoy!

Completed drawing

I posted a snapshot of this whilst it was in progress sseevverrralll weeks er months ago…I somewhat hesitate to call this ‘finished,’ but at least for now, I will try to convince myself that it is…I really liked this combination of ‘cartoon’ and my ‘swirlies’ as I call them and hope to integrate them both into larger drawings  in the future.

Post-It Notecards

A few years ago, inspired by Giant Robot’s* Post-it note cash & carry show, I went on a Post-it Note drawing craze. It’s really fun to see what you can create using such a ‘mini canvas’! After I’d drawn a ton of them, however, I didn’t really know what to do with them. Eventually I turned them into a mobile, but I was never really satisfied with that result…Well, sometimes things just need to percolate for quite some time; finally inspiration struck, due to the need for a last minute birthday card.

Drink Tickets

Cat got your tongue when it comes to that cutie in your favourite coffee shop? Or is there someone you have a crush on, but can’t find the courage to ask out? Give ’em one of these! A riff off the standard ‘beer tickets’ given out at work or social functions, just write in your mobile number and then surreptitiously slip one of these across the counter, fold into the receipt or include in that birthday card you ‘just happened’ to have. Simple & subtle, with no stuttering.


Finally, I’ve also got 2 new comics in progress, but as I’m slow, they might take a bit. What fun projects are you up to, I wonder…

* I’m not going to lie, one of the reasons for moving to my current apartment was b/c of the Giant Robot store right across the street…Sadly they closed about a year after I moved there. However, I managed to convince the owner of the shop to sell me the giant “G & R” letters from their window.

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