(*technically it should be ‘joyeux anniversaire’)

As the title alludes: the industrious Pete Hindle is headed to Liverpool to do some watercolours (if he survives, that is)…In all seriousness though, I’m very much looking forward to what he creates whilst there (and you should too)!

Oh, and another busy bee, Thom Ferrier, will soon be collecting all his strips into a nice book “printed on ‘not totally bleached’ stock…” no less. After much heated debate, er deliberation, a cover has been decided upon (I think)…so look forward to that coming out in the nearish future (I admit, I wish it was available for my birthday, but I will just have to content myself with his ‘cursing comic’ which I have found to be quite useful when shouting at taxi drivers…I mean..ummm….)

And finally, here’s another adventure from A Tail in 2 Cities…hope you enjoy!

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