Print Projects

Not only do I design for the digital space, I also understand how important it is to integrate online & offline tactics to create an overarching, fully integrated campaign. And, let’s be honest, I love creating pieces that you can hold in your hands–give me a project that requires specialty paper, die cutting or foil stamping any day!

Vermont Rolling Pins & Co

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Vermont Rolling Pin & Co, who, you guessed it, make customized, hand-turned rolling pins in, of all places, Vermont.

Health Ed 101 Activity Books

Scholastic Publishing teamed up with the drug company Merck to produce a mini-mag for children (& their parents) suffering from allergies or asthma. Filled with games as well as tips on…

Venture Opera Branding

I was really grateful to have the chance to create the branding for Venture Opera, an independent opera company dedicated to giving performance opportunities and experience to emerging operatic artists…

Bulleit Bourbon Field Guide

This “Field Guide” for Bulleit Bourbon was given to brand ambassadors & included a brief ‘history’ of the Bourbon–reminding drinkers of its rustic, outdoorsy roots..


Merck Pharmaceutical’s drug, Singulair was a unique account to work on, since it was ‘indicated’ for 2 separate ‘diseases’– allergies & asthma…

Recipe Wheel

One of the quickest & quirkiest projects I’ve gotten to work on, this recipe wheel was a companion piece to The Canned Food Alliance’s website:…

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